1995             Satirical crime drama

   US      Colour      102mins   

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    • Nicole Kidman Suzanne Stone
    • Matt Dillon Larry Maretto
    • Joaquin Phoenix Jimmy Emmett
    • Casey Affleck Russell Hines
    • Illeana Douglas Janice Maretto
    • Alison Folland Lydia Mertz
    • Dan Hedaya Joe Maretto
    • Wayne Knight Ed Grant
    • David Cronenberg Man at lake


  • Dir:
      Gus Van Sant
  • Scr:
      Buck Hemy, from the novel by Joyce Maynard


         to die for

      [ t o  d i e  f o r : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

      vhs dvd

      Rated: r

    • Nicole Kidman gives the best performance of her career to date in director Gus Van Sant's brilliantly acerbic satire on fame and the American Dream. This is the film Kidman should have won the Oscar for.

      Kidman plays a shallow, suburban princess, whose entire life has been devoted to becoming a television celebrity. Trouble is, husband Matt Dillon keeps getting in the way of her grandiose plans, so he has to be eliminated.

      Sharply scripted by Buck Henry from Joyce Maynard's bestselling novel, which was inspired by true events, this frighteningly funny, razor-sharp anecdote is easily Van Sant's most accessible movie. The director simply allows the riveting story to shine through above any extraneous style. Kidman, all pretty in pink lipstick and poisonous plans, is a revelation.

      Contains violence, swearing, sex, and drug abuse.

    • To Die For UK Dvd

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