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        Peeping Tom
        U K  D V D

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        Peeping Tom Dvd

          Single Disc [2001]

        • Director: Michael Powell
        • Producer: Michael Powell
        • Format: PAL
        • Language: English, French
        • Subtitles: French
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Classification: 18
        • Run Time: 101 minutes

          See scans for full details of any extra features or details of subtitles if any that can be found on this edition.

          Official release. Released in the UK by Studio Canal/Warner.

        • Scr: Leo Marks
        • Ph: Otto Heller
        • Ed: Noreen Ackland
        • Mus: Brian Easdale, Wally Stott
        • Art Dir: Arthur Lawson


        • Carl Boehm
        • Moira Shearer
        • Anna Massey
        • Maxine Audley
        • Shirley Ann Field
        • Jack Watson


          A Masterpiece ~ DILYS POWELL, THE SUNDAY TIMES

        1960, 101 MINS, COLOUR, UK

      • Dvd Special Features: Filmographies, chapters, photo gallery, select language.

        Peeping Tom, 1960

      • Anglo-Amalgamated unloaded around $560,000 on making Peeping Tom, the biggest load of coin it had ever invested in one picture. It's as well, for stripped of its colour and some excellent photography plus imaginative direction by Michael Powell, the plot itsef would have emerged as a shoddy yarn.

        Story concerns a young man who, as a boy, was used as a guinea-pig by his father (played by Powell himself), a noted professor studying the symptoms of fear. The boy grows up to become an insane killer obsessed with the desire to photograph the terror on the faces of his victims as he kills them. He also has an unhealthy craving for peeping at young lovers, hence the title. In between these activities, he has a regular job as an assistant cameraman in a film studio and a part time job of photographing saucy pictures.

        This mixed-up young man is played rather stolidly by Carl Boehm. It is more the the fault of the screenplay than the actor himself that one gets a very superficial glimpse into the workings of his mind. Anna Massey is charming as the girl who is one of his tenants and befriends him before she realizes he is a killer. Maxine Audley, as her blind mother, tackles a difficult, unrewarding role very well.

        Brenda Bruce has a few good moments at the beginning of the film as a streetwalker who is the first victim while Moira Shearer i effective as another of his victims, an ambitious bit player who is murdered while he is pretending to give her a screen test on a deserted studio lot.

        Powell has directed with imagination but he might well have tightened up the story line. The standout feature of Peeping Tom is some fascinating photography by Otto Heller, particularly in the film studio sequences. His use of colour and shadow is most effective. Heller does much to give Peeping Tom a veneer which the story by Leo Marks does not entirely deserve.

      • Back Cover:

        From Michael Powell, the brilliant and acclaimed director of A Matter of Life And Death and Black Narcissus, comes a controversial masterpiece now recognised as one of the supreme achievements of British horror cinema. By day, clean cut Mark Lewis (Cael Boehm) is a focus-puller at a film studio, supplementing his wages by raking girlie pictures above a seedy newsagent. By night he is a sadistic killer, stalking his victims, camera in hand, in an obsessive quest for the look of pure, unadulterated fear. Anna Massey, Moira Shearer and Maxine Audley also star.

        On its release in 1960, Peeping Tom proved to be far more than British critics could handle; their fearsome reaction ruined Powell's career. It's stylish, cunning and brutally frank treatment of Mark Lewis' sanity brought forth comments such as "the sickest and filthiest film I can remember seeing" (The Spectator), "Frankly beastly" (Financial Times), and "Thoroughly nasty" (Daily Mail). Unavailable for many years, Peeping Tom was, through the efforts of film lovers including Martin Scorcese, at long last acknowledged as a cinematic master-work, and the reputation of its maligned director restored.

        4 STARS OUT OF 5

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        Below are scans from the UK dvd. Useful to look at the back cover for details such as subtitles and special features sometimes missed in the text above. Time and again 'product descriptions' are wrong or are missing crucial information so it's really worth checking the scans below. If subtitles aren't mentioned on the back cover then they won't be on the Dvd. Click on each for bigger scans.

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        D V D

        Peeping Tom Dvd
        Enlarge Image

        Peeping Tom Dvd
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        Peeping Tom Dvd
        Enlarge Image

        Peeping Tom Dvd
        Enlarge Image


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