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20.01.13: peter saville biography

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Peter Saville (born 9 October 1955) hails from Manchester and studied graphic design at Manchester Polytechnic from 1975 to 1978. While a student, Malcolm Garrett, a friend of Saville's who formed Assorted Images in 1978, showed him a design book. "Malcolm had a copy of Herbert Spencer's Pioneers of Modern Typography ", remembers Saville. "The one chapter that he hadn't reinterpreted in his own work was the cool, disciplined 'New Typography' of Tschichold and its subtlety appealed to me. I found a parallel in it for the New Wave that was evolving out of Punk". In 1978 Spencer was head of graphics at the Royal College of Art, London, and his book examines what led up to the new concepts in graphic design and draws out the respective influences of Futurism, Dadaism, de Stijl, Suprematism, Constructivism and the Bauhaus. His book was to be pivotal in Saville's early work.

In 1978 Peter Saville met journalist and television presenter Tony Wilson, who had just started Factory Records with Alan Eramus. Saville was asked by Wilson to design a poster for the fledgling label and shortly afterwards the designer became a partner in the company.

During his time with Factory, Saville's references to early modernism are clear in cover designs for bands such as Joy Division, where he uses industrial graphics and simple typography. His first sleeve for Joy Division was 1979's Unknown Pleasures which featured a diagramatic representation of CP1919, the first pulsar.

Saville worked with interior designer Ben Kelly on the interior of the Hacienda Club, which soon became the focal point for the whole late-Eighties 'Madchester' acid house and rave scene.

During the Eighties Peter Saville incorporated 'found' images in his own artwork, such as the Fantin-Latour still life on the cover of 1983's Power, Corruption and Lies for New Order.

Saville moved to London in 1979 and became art director at DinDisc where he designed for Wham!, Roxy Music and Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark, under the name Peter Saville Associates.

In 1990 he became a partner in top internatioal design group, Pentagram, and in 1993 worked for a while in Los Angeles. Soon he was back in London and working with Germn agency Meire & Meire before re-establishing Peter Saville Associates. Saville has also designed covers for Suede, Paul McCartney, Ultravox, and for Pulp, including This Is Hardcore and We Love Life.

Source: Richard Evans - The Art of the Album Cover and How to Design Them
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20.01.13: Peter Saville album covers

peter saville
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
Design: Peter Saville
© Joy Division/Peter Saville/Factory, 1979

peter saville
New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies
Design: Peter Saville Associates
© New Order/Peter Saville/Factory, 1983

peter saville
New Order - Blue Monday
Design: Peter Saville Associates
© New Order/Peter Saville/Factory, 1983

peter saville
New Order - Technique
Design: Peter Saville Associates. Dichromat: Trevor Kelly and Peter Saville
© New Order/Peter Saville/Factory, 1989

peter saville
Joy Division - Substance
Design: PSA. Typography: Brett Wickens
© New Order/Peter Saville/Factory, 1989

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