1978                    ;        Thriller

•   UK   •   Colour   •   91mins   •

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    • Richard Burton Father Goddard
    • Dominic Guard Benjie Stanfield
    • Billy Connolly Blakey
    • Andrew Keir Headmaster
    • Dai Bradley [David Bradley] Arthur Dyson
    • Willoughby Gray Brigadier Walsh
    • Preston Lockwood Father Hibbert
    • Brook Williams Father Clarence


  • Dir:
      Anthony Page
  • Scr:
      Anthony Shatter




    [ a b s o l u t i o n  : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

    vhs dvd

    Rated: rated

      Lashings of Catholic guilt pervade this totally bonkers potboiler, with Richard Burton as the priest in a Catholic boarding school for boys whose protege, Dominic Guard, runs away with hippie Billy Connolly and turns into a killer.

      Unlike red wine, the three years this movie spent on the shelf did not improve it, and it might never have been released had it not been for the star presence of Burton, the film's only point of interest. And Connolly is as crap in this movie way back then as he is unfunny today. As a sidenote: isn't it time for the abhorrent Connelly and his ghastly wife, Pamela Stephenson, to retire from being Billy Connelly and Pamela Stephenson? Imagine the airwaves free of his deeply creepy unfunniness and filled with comedians who can make you laugh. It isn't hard to do.

      Confessions turn from a practical joke to a real murder mystery Father Goddard (Richard Burton) hears confessions at a catholic school. In confession, student Benjamin Stanfield tells Goddard that he has accidentally murdered his friend (Billy Connolly) and buried him in the forest. Goddard investigates the matter and finds a buried scarecrow. Shortly after, Stanfield once again enters the confession booth, telling Goddard that what before was a practical joke, he has now made happen. In disbelief, Goddard once again goes to the forest to investigate the matter. This time, he discovers a dead body. The confessions now turn from a practical joke into a real murder mystery, especially when outside of the confessions Stanfield denies everything….

    • Available: amazon.co.uk

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