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        Special Edition
        2  D V D  S E T

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        Scarface UK Dvd Set

          1983, 170 MINS, US, Colour

        • Dir: Brian De Palma
        • Prod: Martin Bregman, Peter Sophier
        • Scr: Oliver Stone
        • Ph: John A. Alonzo
        • Ed: Jerry Greenberg, David Ray
        • Mus: Giorgio Moroder
        • Art Dir: Ed Richardson


          [] Al Pacino
          [] Steven Bauer
          [] Michelle Pfeiffer
          [] Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
          [] Robert Loggia
          [] F. Murray Abraham


      • Scarface is a grandiose modern morality play, excessive, broad and operatic at times. Film's origins lie in the 1932 Howard Hughes production directed by Howard Hawks and adapted by Ben Hecht from the novel by Armitage Trail. Contours of the saga are very similar to those of the original, as the nearly three-hour effort charts the rise and fall of an ambitious young thug who for awhile becomes the highest shot in gangsterdom, but ultimately is just too dumb to stay at the top.

        Docu prolong recounts how some 25,000 criminals entered the United States in 1980 during the boatlift from Mariel harbor in Cuba. Among them, per this fiction, was one Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who impresses local Miami kingpin Robert Loggia. Thanks to the fact that he has nerves of steel and ice in his veins, Pacino moves up fast in the underworld and establshes a crucial personal link with Bolivian cocaine manufacturer Paul Shenar.

        All this is brought off by scripter Oliver Stone and director Brian De Palma in efficient, sometimes stylish fashion.

        Performances are all extremely effective, with Pacino leading the way. Michelle Pfeiffer does well with a basically one-dimensional role as blonde WASP goddess. Shenar is outstanding as the cool, well-bred Bolivian.

          Dvd Features

        • Format: PAL
        • Language: English, Spanish
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Number of Discs: 2
        • Classification: 18

        • Studio: Universal Pictures UK
        • DVD Release Date: 29 Mar 2004
        • Run Time: 170 minutes
        • ISBN: 505058220290

          Special Features

          [] Deleted scenes
          [] The Rebirth Of Scarface featurette
          [] Acting Scarface featurette
          [] Creating Scarface featurette
          [] Scarface: The TV Version featurette
          [] Def Jams Presents: Origins of a hip hop classic
          [] Theatrical trailer
          [] Teaser trailer
          [] Interactive menu
          [] Scene access

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        Scarface Dvd
        G A L L E R Y

        Scarface UK Dvd Set

        Scarface UK Dvd Set

        Scarface UK Dvd Set


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