1982               Classic sci-fi adventure

   US      Colour      115mins   

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    • Henry Thomas Elliott
    • Dee Wallace [Dee Wallace Stone] Mary
    • Peter Coyote Keys
    • Drew Barrymore Gertie
    • Robert MacNaughton Michael
    • KC Martel Greg
    • Sean Fyre Steve
    • Tom Howell [C Thomas Howell] Tyler
    • Erika Eleniak Pretty Girl


  • Dir:
  • Prod:
      Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy
  • Scr:
      Melissa Mathison
  • Phot:
      Allen Daviau
  • Mus:
      John Williams
  • E.T. Creator:
      Carlo Rimbaldi



      Until Titanic, the most lucrative film ever made. At the last count it had taken more than 700 million dollars worldwide



    [ e . t .  :  m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

    vhs dvd

    Rated: pg

      E.T. is more - much more - than science fiction, a marvel of special effects or a Disneyesque fantasy. It is a perfectly crafted film that depends as much on plot, narrative and character as it does on the vivid imagination that conceived it. Steven Spielberg describes it, rightly, as a love story - the story of a relationship between a small boy (Henry Thomas) and a curious little creature from another planet whose spaceship takes off without him, leaving him abandoned in suburban America. Thomas becomes his best friend, his protector against authoritarian adults whose menace is chillingly conveyed not by guns but by heavy boots, probing torches and great bunches of keys clanking on their belts.

      E.T. is full of magic, innocence and wonder; it is funny, frightening and deeply touching. At its basic level it is a superbly satisfying entertainment which, like all the best stories, appeals to people of any age. And yet it is even more than that. E.T. is not an immediately attractive creature; true, as he bumbles through the alien, human world in which he finds himself he rapidlt becomes cute and loveable but at first sight he is, as one critic puts it, 'an ugly little bugger'. And that is deliberate, because aong with the adventure and (genuine) sentiment, the film contains a warning against bigotry and prejudice: we should not judge others by their appearance or colour or creed but by their character and their behaviour. The message is understated but clear and gives E.T. the moral edge that makes it the ideal modern fairy tale.


    • 1982: Best Sound; Original Score; Sound; Sound Effects Editing; Visual Effects

    • Nominations: Best Picture; Director; Original Screenplay; Cinematography; Editing

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