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        Falling in Love Again (1979)
        D V D

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        • Actors: Susannah York, Elliott Gould, Michelle Pfeiffer, Stuart Paul, Kaye Ballard
        • Director: Steven Paul
        • Format: Anamorphic, PAL
        • Language: English
        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1

        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Classification: 15
        • Studio: Cinema Club
        • DVD Release Date: 5 April 2004
        • Run Time: 98 minutes

        Official UK Dvd Release

        Harry Lewis (Elliott Gould - Friends, Ocean's Eleven) is having a mid-life crisis. He is disheartened with his marriage to his childhod sweetheart, Sue (Susannah York - Superman) and seems to have lost his drive for life. In the search for happiness, Harry continually looks back to the "golden days" of his youth. In an attempt to rekindle his spirits he decides to take the family on a trip back to his childhood home, New York for a high school reunion.

        On the road trip Harry embarks on a journey down memory lane reliving the story of when he first fell in love with his wife. The nostalgic story shows how Harry, a kid from the Bronx succeeds in sweeping a wealthy factory owner's daughter off her feet (Michelle Pfeiffer - What Lies Beneath, Dangerous Liasons). Despite their families' resistance, the young lovers stand firm in their love for each other and determination to be together.

        Will Harry's journey back in time lead him to any decisions about the present or will he continue to live in the past forever?

        Falling in Love Again is a heart-warming romance about discovering the power of love both then and now.


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