The Holy Mountain

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        A Heroic Song from a Towering World of Heights
        2  D V D

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          Actors: Leni Riefenstahl, Luis Trenker, Ernst Petersen, Frida Richard, Friedrich Schneider
          Director: Arnold Fanck
          Writer: Arnold Fanck
          Producer: Harry R. Sokal
          Format: Box set, Black & White, Full Screen, PAL, Silent
          Language: English
          Subtitles: English
          Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
          Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
          Number of discs: 2

          Classification: U
          Studio: Eureka Entertainment
          DVD Release Date: 21 Jun 2004
          Run Time: 286 minutes

          Barcode: 5060000401912

      • “A Heroic Song from a Towering World of Heights” — German filmmaker and doctor Arnold Fanck (1889-1974) made this beautifully photographed Bergfilm, or ‘mountain film’, in 1926. Written in three days and nights — especially for Leni Riefenstahl The Holy Mountain took over a year to film in the Alps with an entourage of expert skiers and climbers.

        Ostensibly a love triangle romance — between Riefenstahl’s young dancer and the two explorers she encounters — Fanck relishes the glorious Alpine landscape by filming death-defying climbing, avalanche-dodging, and frenetic downhill ski racing.

        This restoration is a visual feast - a fascinating look at the origins of a genre. After learning the ropes from Fanck, Riefenstahl’s own Bergfilme flowered at UFA during the 1930s, and Fanck became her editor. This restoration is a visual feast — a fascinating look at the origins of a genre. Extras include the 3hr documentary The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (by Ray Müller) on disc 2.

      • The accompaying booklet (well it's really just a pamphlet) by Doug Cummings gives a fascinating insight into the work of (1889-1974). He was the most accomplished filmmaker of the German Bergfilm, or 'mountain film' which is often compared to the American Western. His career fell to earth (pardon the pun) as he joined the Nazi Party in order to obtain work in the 1930s. After the war, his Party membership prevented him from working professionally again.

        There is some gossip in the pamphlet about the making of the film provided by Riefenstahl. Anything from her is always worth a read whether it is true or not.

      • Disc 2 has the astonishing documenary The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl. As epic as the woman herself (180 minutes), it was made when she was approaching 90 in the early 1990s with her featuring largely, and, gosh, what a woman she was. Her mind still razor-sharp in this docu., she was incredibly objective and insightful when it came to examining her own work. That is crucially important when a critical eye is cast over her work for unlike any other major film director, it is nigh impossible to look at her work in isolation; the shadow of her Nazi Propaganda always looms large, but there is one inescapable fact that the narrator points out at the start of the film: she was when this film was made and still remains the most famous female film director of all time. No-one has come close. At a stretch you might argue Jane Campion but that's one hell of a stretch.

        Some things I didn't know about her before watching this docu:

          1. She never met Fritz Lang even though he was filming Metropolis in the next door studio to where The Holy Mountain was being made.
          2. Marlene Dietrich disliked her.
          3. She thought highly of the great G.W. Pabst
          4. Murnau thought of casting her in Faust
          5. Von Sternberg thought her the opposite of Dietrich, something Riefenstahl agreed with.

          T H E  H O L Y  M O U N T A I N


          F U L L  T I T L E
          Der heilige Berg: Ein Heldenlied
          aus ragender Hohenwelt
          ("The Holy Mountain: A Heroic
          Song from a Towering World of

          A L T E R N A T E  T I T L E S
          The Sacred Mountain

          S H O O T I N G  D A T E S
          May - November, 1926

          P R E M I E R E
          December 17, 1926 (UFA-Palast
          am Zoo, Berlin

          E X T E R I O R  L O C A T I O N S
          Sils Maria

          Extensive 2001 restoration,
          2 disc set
          The Wonderful, Horrible Life
          of Leni Riefenstahl
          (1993) by
          Ray Müller, 180-mins
          New 2002 score by Aljoscha
          (Dolby 2.0 Stereo
          & Dolby 5.1)
          Original German intertitles
          with English subtitles
          Booklet containing new essay
          by Doug Cummings
          Two RSDL discs [DVD9]

          Germany | 106 min.
          1.33:1 OAR
          black & white


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