The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Series 2

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        Nathaniel Parker
        D V D

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        Official Release

        Running Time - 5 hrs 52
        Certificate - 15
        Number of Discs - 2
        Subtitles - Yes

        Nathaniel Parker & Sharon Small
        Richard Spence

        Based on the best-selling novels of Elizabeth George, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries find Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley (also known as the 8th Earl of Asherton) and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers solving cases of murder that would challenge the savviest of detectives. Divided by class barriers both real and imagined, but united in their efforts to uncover the truth, Lynley and Havers form an unlikely yet successful sleuthing duo.

        Set Comprises:

        Playing for the Ashes: The body of cricket star Kenneth Fleming is found in a burnt-out house, the victim of an arson attack. It emerges that Kenneth has three women in his life: a lifelong patron and mentor, Miriam Whitelaw; his married lover, Gabriella Patten; and his childhood sweetheart and devoted wife Jeannie, any of whom might be guilty.

        In The Presence Of The Enemy: Lynley and Havers investigate a case of kidnapping involving a left-wing MP Eve Bowen, and a right-wing publisher, Dennis Luxford. Luxford enlists the help of his close friend and criminal profiler, Helen Clyde who is also close to Lynley, but betrayal lurks around every corner.

        A Suitable Vengeance: Lynley's dreams come true as he returns to his ancestral pile to celebrate his engagement to the woman he loves. However, a brutal murder on the grounds of his idyllic Cornish estate sheds new light on the Inspector and his surprisingly dysfunctional family.

        Deception on His Mind: The body of a young Asian man is found on a beach in the seaside resort of Balford-le-Nez. Havers finds herself with time on her hands as Lynley is on honeymoon and decides to assist a friend in the investigation.


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