Theresa Russell

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        Impulse Video Release Poster
        O R I G I N A L  F I L M  M E M O R A B I L I A

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        • Type: Promo Poster
        • Country: UK
        • Date: 1990

        • Size: 23 x 16 Inches Approx.
        • Released By: Warner Home Video

          A rare Theresa Russell original film poster

        By 'original poster' I mean it was released at the same time as the video release. It was released in the UK to promote the video release. A 'reproduction poster' for me is one that was published after the release of the original poster. Reprinted, if you like. Repro posters are usually poorer quality as they are printed from an original poster. That is the difference in my book. This is original and is sold with a full=money back guarantee. Make sure you look at 'condition' details below.

        23 x 16 inches approx. Released by: Warner Home Video.


        CONDITION: comes without watermark as on scan. poster is over 20 years old and has wear in places especially around the edges. scan has slightly different wording to actual poster (will get a scan of actual poster up shortly) with "THERESA RUSSELL" in red letting and "WARNER HOME VIDEO" at the bottom & the wording at the bottom is in red. apart from that the same.



      • Price: 24.99
        UK Sterling (new) (includes Worldwide postage & packaging)

        Sept. 2011, 1 in stock.

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