Yangtse Incident

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Making of Film Remembered (1957)

I had a fascinating e-mail from someone who was on location for some of the making of the film and with his permission have copied it below.


Subject: Yangtse Incident

I was reading www on Richard Todd one of my all time favourite film identities.. Yangtse Incident was filmed on location in part off Shotley near Ipswich I was a Boy Seaman entry Royal Navy.. at the training school HMS Ganges at the time.. HMS Jewel.. a sister ship of the Amethyst was used in place of her it was thrilling for all the young trainee seamen at the time and one I will never forget.. I now reside in South Australia

~ Terry

Subject: Re: Yangtse Incident UK Dvd

hi terry,

anything you care to remember about that time? i can put up a web page on it as any info is pretty scarce these days.


Subject: Re: Yangtse Incident UK Dvd

thank you for the prompt response Paul.. wow.. it was all of 50 + years ago now..a lot of water gone under the bridge since then.. from memories.. HMS Jewel was put in place using the waterway of the joining of the rivers stour and orwell.. the shoreline to the left of HMS Ganges was transformed into a gun emplacement.. soldiers dressed as Chinese..( and looking very real) manned the field guns..Jewel steamed up and down the short coastline whilst the guns fired at her.. we were allowed to go aboard the Jewel.. they used some of us as extras.. it was interesting how they placed charges that created plenty of flash and smoke.. then they placed black velvet llike stuff on the funnel and around the deck housing.. from a distance it sure looked like damage.. the forward gun took a hit.. when the smoke cleared we all had to posture ourselves around the gun ..appearing dead.. as for the actors.. I managed only a glimpse of Richard Todd once.. but that was enough.. it was a great thrill.. thank you for allowing me to remember Paul.. and good luck with your venture

~ Terry (ex RN)

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