//Antonio Pisanello//

      • Known as: Italian painter, draftsman, medallist (International Gothic style)
      • Born: c. 1395, Pisa
      • Also known as: Antonio Pisano
      • Date of death: c. 1455/6, Rome

    • Antonio Pisanello was the major italian exponent of International Gothic but today he is best known as a medalist and draughtsman. Though we know he trained in Verona, we do not know who trained him, the most probable person being Stefano da Verona.

      Between 1415-22 he was in Venice where he succeeded (probaly) Gentile in painting a series of frescoes in the Doge's palace. Then he again succeeded Gentile, this time in Rome, at the Lateran Basilica between 1431-2.

      Around 1448, he made a set of medals of Alfonso of Aragon, King of Naples. He is known to have been in Naples


      • It is probable that Pisanello's master was Gentile da Fabriano
      • Pisanello's earliest extant work is the Annunciation (1423/4, Verona, S. Fermo)
      • He made his first datable portrait medal in 1438
      • Highly recommended is a visit to the Louvre, Paris, to see a collection of Pisanello's drawings. There are wonderful studies of animals, costume, antiques, sketches for pictures and copies of other drawings


      • London (NG, V&A)
      • Paris (Louvre)
      • Verona (S. Fermo, S. Anastasia)
      • Washington (NG)

      • Long Biog.


      antonio pisanello / the virgin and child with st. george and st. anthony the abbot (egg tempera on poplar) antonio pisanello / emperor sigismund (1368-1437), 1433 antonio pisanello / the vision of saint eustace, circa 1438-42 (egg tempera on wood) antonio pisanello / portrait of ginerva d’este antonio pisanello / saint eustace, c. 1450 antonio pisanello / portrait of ginerva d’este
      antonio pisanello / portrait medal, obverse depicting cecilia gonzaga, reverse depicting a female figure antonio pisanello / allegory of the lust antonio pisanello / monkeys antonio pisanello / six monkeys and a sturgeon antonio pisanello / monkeys antonio pisanello / peacock and six monkeys

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