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    Margaret Lockwood
    The Wicked Lady


    Margaret Lockwood,
    the Wicked Lady, dies aged 73
    Edition 3ss,
    Monday 16th July, 1990
    By Sheridan Morley

    Margaret Lockwood, the last totally English film star to have stayed at the top of the cinema box office polls for several years in succession, died last night in the Cromwell Hospital in west London at the age of 73. Whereas the rest of her 1940s generation, from Jean Simmons and Deborah Kerr to James Mason and Stewart Granger, went to seek international fame in Hollywood, Miss Lockwood maintained a totally local kind of stardom that nevertheless altered radically over the decades.

    Born Margaret Day in India (1917 was the date she usually gave, though some reports put it as early as 1911) she started in films with ingenue roles in the middle 1930s, notably Lorna Doone and Beloved Vagabond, before she was taken up by Hitchcock for the classic 1938 thriller The Lady Vanishes, in which she played opposite Michael Redgrave.

    The Lady Vanishes made Lockwood a star and took her almost immediately to Hollywood. She was there for less than a year and only two movies, from which she returned to some very much better wartime work in England, notably in another train thriller Night Train to Munich, The Stars Look Down and Quiet Wedding.

    But it was in 1943 with The Man in Grey that she, Phyllis Calvert, Stewart Granger and James Mason formed themselves into the quartet of Gainsborough stars most often to be found through the rest of the war years in a succession of snobbery-with-violence pictures, usually involving period costumes and a good horsewhipping. Lockwood would end up in these bruised by James Mason (The Wicked Lady, probably her best-known film).

    As Granger and Mason moved on to sunnier Californian contracts, Lockwood's career went into roughly the same decline as the English cinema itself, before finishing up in Bryan Forbes's The Slipper and the Rose, her last big screen appearance in 1976.

    In the meantime, however, she had begun to carve out a new career in the theatre. She played Peter Pan for three seasons and had a long Savoy run in the thriller Spider's Web. She also had three long-running television serials, notably Justice.

    She was married once (to Rupert Leon), divorcing 40 years ago, and leaves a daughter, the actress Julia Lockwood.

    Phyllis Calvert said last night: "Over the last ten years she lived quite like a hermit. As a young actress, though, she was very gay but very serious about her work."


    Miss Margaret Lockwood;
    Memorial service
    Edition 1st, Wednesday 10th October, 1990

    A service of thanksgiving for the life and work of Miss Margaret Lockwood was held yesterday at St Paul's, Covent Garden. The Very Rev David Elliott officiated. Miss Jean Kent read from the works of Rudyard Kipling and Miss Phyllis Calvert from the works of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Miss Polly James paid tribute. Mr Barrie Bignold, piano, played The Cornish Rhapsody by Hubert Bath and Miss Anne Rogers sang Love Steals Your Heart from the film The Wicked Lady.

    Among those present were: Mr Ernest Clark and Miss Julia Lockwood (son-in-law and daughter), Mr Tim Clark and Mr Nicholas Clark (grandsons), Lucy and Catherine Clark (granddaughters), Miss Penny Robinson, Mrs Betty Lait, Mr Simon Lait, Miss Jean Lait, Miss Sarah Gall, Mr Nicholas Gall, Miss Tamara Gall, Mr Andrew Clark, Mrs Ginny Tristan, Mrs Rosanna Cheyney. Sir Peter and Lady Saunders, Miss Chili Bouchier, Mr Maurice Denham, Mr Robert Flemyng, Mr Desmond Llewellyn, Miss Kathleen Byron, Mr Francis Burrow, Miss Eve Southwood, Miss June Wyndham-Davies, Mrs Beryl Cook, Mr Anthony Holland, Mr Theo Cowan, Mr Michael Thornton, Miss Deddie Davies, Miss Hazel Bainbridge, Miss Patricia Dainton, Mr Norman Williams, Mr John Stone, Mr A Jackson, Mr Robert Eddison, Mr and Mrs Michael Cochrane. Mr Alan Sleath (chairman, Associates of RADA) with Miss Barbara Todd; Miss Ella Slack (BBC), Mr Frank Coven (London director, Nine TV Network of Australia) and Mrs Coven, Mr E Gansler (British Music Hall Society), Miss Judith Craig (Henry Sherwood Productions), Mr Ken Gibson (Contact Artists Association), Mr William Quinn (Irish Actors' Equity Association), Mr Ken Sefton (Gallery First Nighters Club) and Mr Patrick Newley (Stage and TV Today).

    Actress - filmography
    (1970s) (1960s) (1950s) (1940s) (1930s)

    1. Slipper and the Rose, The (1976) .... Stepmother
      ... aka Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella, The (1976)
    2. "Justice" (1972) TV Series .... Harriet Peterson

    3. "Flying Swan, The" (1965) TV Series .... Mollie Manning

    4. Cast a Dark Shadow (1957) .... Freda Jeffries
      ... aka Angel (1957/II)
    5. Laughing Anne (1954) .... Laughing Anne
      ... aka Between the Tides (1954)
    6. Trouble in the Glen (1953) .... Marissa Mengues
    7. Trent's Last Case (1952) .... Margaret Manderson
    8. Highly Dangerous (1950) .... Frances Gray

    9. Madness of the Heart (1949) .... Lydia Garth
    10. Cardboard Cavalier (1949) .... Nell Gwynne
    11. Look Before You Love (1948) .... Ann Markham
    12. Pygmalion (1948) (TV) .... Eliza Doolittle
    13. White Unicorn, The (1947) .... Lucy
      ... aka Bad Sister (1947) (USA)
    14. Jassy (1947) .... Jassy Woodroffe
    15. Hungry Hill (1947) .... Fanny Rose Flower
    16. Bedelia (1946) .... Bedelia Carrington
    17. Wicked Lady, The (1945) .... Barbara Worth
    18. I'll Be Your Sweetheart (1945) .... Edie Story
    19. Place of One's Own, A (1945) .... Annette
    20. Love Story (1944) .... Lissa Campbell
      ... aka Lady Surrenders, A (1944) (USA)
    21. Give Us the Moon (1944) .... Nina
    22. Dear Octopus (1943) .... Penny Randolph
      ... aka Randolph Family, The (1943)
    23. Man in Grey, The (1943) .... Hesther
    24. Alibi (1942) .... Helene Ardouin
    25. Girl in the News (1941) .... Anne Graham
    26. Quiet Wedding (1941) .... Janet Royd
    27. Night Train to Munich (1940) .... Anna Bomasch
      ... aka Gestapo (1940)
      ... aka Night Train (1940)
      ... aka Night Train to Munich (1940) (USA)
    28. Stars Look Down, The (1940) .... Jenny Sunley

    29. Girl Must Live, A (1939) .... Leslie James
      ... aka Girl Has to Live, A (1939) (UK)
    30. Rulers of the Sea (1939) .... Mary Shaw
    31. Susannah of the Mounties (1939) .... Vicky Standing
    32. Lady Vanishes, The (1938) .... Iris Matilda Henderson
    33. Bank Holiday (1938) .... Catherine Lawrence
      ... aka Three on a Weekend (1938) (USA)
    34. Owd Bob (1938) .... Jeannie McAdam
      ... aka To the Victor (1938)
    35. Melody and Romance (1937) .... Margaret Williams
    36. Street Singer, The (1937) .... Jenny Green
      ... aka Interval for Romance (1937)
    37. Who's Your Lady Friend? (1937) .... Mimi
    38. Doctor Syn (1937) .... Imogene Clegg
    39. Irish for Luck (1936) .... Ellen O'Hare
    40. Jury's Evidence (1936) .... Betty Stanton
    41. Beloved Vagabond, The (1936) .... Blanquette
    42. Amateur Gentleman, The (1936) .... Georgina Huntstanton
    43. Case of Gabriel Perry, The (1935) .... Mildred Perry
    44. Honours Easy (1935) .... Ann
    45. Lorna Doone (1935) .... Annie Ridd
    46. Man of the Moment (1935) .... Vera
    47. Midshipman Easy (1935) .... Donna Agnes
      ... aka Men of the Sea (1935) (USA)
    48. Someday (1935) .... Emily
      ... aka Young Nowheres (1935)

    exclusive pics of lockwood's homes (2008)
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