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You can expect the prices for the items listed below if you are selling privately. If you sell to a dealer or shop expect less than half of the prices listed below.

All prices are on the basis that the item is in mint condition.

All items UK releases unless stated.

List also includes CDs, & 12"s.

Prices are in UK sterling and US dollars.

It has always been a mystery to me as to why the prices of Bowie's record output aren't on the same level as, say, The Beatles. For me, his back catalogue is of equal importance and some of it is as desirable as anything the Fab Four put out. After all, is he not the Elvis of his generation? By that I mean for those growing up in the 70s & 80s, Bowie spoke to us and touched us in a more profound way than the icons that came before. Especially for any of us growing up in the backwaters of South London where the great man grew up. It was hard to believe that such an icon grew up on those same drab streets. Bowie had been here! Can you believe that? Beckenham, Bromley, Brixton - it was all Bowieland. The genius who reinvented himself in the faraway metropolis of Berlin knew that Beckenham High Street existed! Remarkable when you think about it. You can walk down that High Street and look at all the things that Bowie had done.

To share the same postcode as him is reward enough!

Bowie was Bowie. And what a body of work reflected in the releases below. Perhaps his body of work is a sleeping giant ready to go up and up in price the more people find him. The V&A exhibition is a start and I can guarantee you this: Beckenham will never again see someone who has touched World culture the way this man has.

The price guide below gives you an estimate of the price an item has achieved. It should be used as a staring point; doing your own leg work on specific items is unavoidable.

The price guide is just a starting point and I will add to it when I get time. No scans yet. But it will really only grow with your help. If you have anything of Bowie's, be it a magazine, CD, vinyl, whatever, from any part of the world and would like it included here then please e-mail me here. If you have an idea of its value then it would be great if you could include that as well. If you have a picture/scan of the item then please include that and I will also put that up.

Happy collecting.


66   Pye ZN 17020   Can't Help Thinking About Me/And I Say To Myself (with Lower Third)....£120

66   Pye ZN 17079   Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl....£175

66   Pye ZN 17157   I Dig Everything/I'm Not Losing Sleep....£175

66   Deram DM 107   Rubber Band/The London Boys....£150

67   Deram DM 123   The Laughing Gnome/The Gospel According to Tony Day (with inverted matrix number on label)....£60

67   Deram DM 135   Love You Til Tuesday/Did You Ever Have a Dream....£150

69   Philips BF 1801   Space Oddity/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (unreleased p/s, only 2 or 3 copies known to exist)....£3,000+

69   Philips BF 1801   Space Oddity/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (mono; stereo 45s unconfirmed)....£10

70   Mercury MF 1135   The Prettiest Star/Conversation Piece....£120

70   Mercury 6052 026   Memory of a Free Festival Parts 1 & 2....£120

71   Mercury 6052 049   Holy Holy/Black Country Rock....£140

72   RCA RCA 2169   Changes/Andy Warhol....£5

72   RCA RCA 2199   Starman/Suffragette City (some in p/s)....£60/5

72   RCA RCA 2263   John, I'm Only Dancing/Hang Onto Yourself (original pressing with slow 'acoustic guitar' version; later pressings have faster version with sax, £3)....£5

72   Pye 7NX 8002   Do Anything You Say/I Dig Everything/I Can't Help Thinking ABout Me/I'm Not Losing Sleep....£10

72   RCA RCA 2302   The Jean Genie/Ziggy Stardust....£5

73   RCA RCA 2352   Drive-In Saturday/Round and Round....£5

73   RCA RCA 2316   Life on Mars?/The Man Who Sold the World (some in picture sleeve)....£10/5

73   Deram DM 123   The Laughing Gnome/The Gospel According To Tony Daly (reissue, matrix number correct way up on the label)....£5

74   RCA RCA 2424   Sorrow/Amsterdam....£5

74   RCA LPPO 5009   Rebel Rebel/Queen Bitch....£5

74   RCA LPBO 5021   Rock'N'Roll Suicide/Quicksand....£5

74   RCA APBO 0293   Diamond Dogs/Holy Holy....£5

74   RCA/Mainman/Lyntone LYN 2929   Space Oddity/The Man Who Sold The World/Life On Mars?/Starman/Jean Genie/Sorrow/Diamond Dogs) (33rpm 1-sided flexidisc with Record Mirror/Pop Swap magazine)....£18/8

74   RCA RCA 2466   Knock On Wood/Panic in Detroit....£5

75   RCA RCA 2523   Young Americans/Suffragette City....£5

75   Decca F 13579   The London Boys/Love You Till Tuesday....£5

75   RCA RCA 2579   Fame/Right....£5

75   RCA RCA 2593   Space Oddity/Changes/Velvet Goldmine (p/s)....£6

76   RCA RCA 2726   Suffragette City/Stay (p/s)....£15

77   RCA BOW-1E   From the new album "Low" (excerpts from Speed of Life, Breaking Glass, what In The World, Sound And Vision, Be My Wife & A New Career In A New Town; demo only)....£500

77   RCA PB 0905   Sound And Vision/A New Career In A New Town....£5

77   RCA PB 1017   Be My Wife/Speed Of Life....£5

77   RCA PB 1121   'Heroes'/V-2 Schneider....£5

78   RCA PB 1190   Beauty And The Beast/Sense Of Doubt (some with picture sleeve)....£5/8

79   RCA BOW 2   Boys Keep Swinging/Fantastic Voyage (p/s)....£5

79   RCA BOW 3   DJ/Repetition (p/s. some on green vinyl)....£15/5

79   RCA BOW 4   John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)/John, I'm Only Dancing (picture sleeve)....£5

79   RCA 12-4   John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) (Extended)/John, I'm Only Dancing (12", picture sleeve)....£8

80   RCA BOW 5   Alabama Song/Space Oddity (poster picture sleeve)....£5

80   RCA BOW 6   Ashes To Ashes/Move On (with 3 different picture sleeve and 4 different sheets of 9 stamps)....£5

81   RCA BOW 8   Scary monsters/Because You're Young (pictures sleeve)....£5

81   RCA BOWC 8   Scary Monsters/Because You're Young (cassette, card sleeve)....£8

81   RCA BOW 9   Up The Hill Backwards/Crystal Japan (p/s)....£5

81   RCA BOWC 9   Up The Hill Backwards/Crystal Japan (cassette, card sleeve)....£8

82   RCA BOW 11   IN BERTHOLT BRECHT'S "BAAL" (EP, foldout p/s)....£6

82   RCA BOW 100   FASHIONS (10 × 7" picture discs in plastic wallet [BOWP 101-110], each £4)....£40

82   RCA BOWT 12   Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy/Fantastic Voyage (12 inch, picture sleeve, picture labels, with Bing Crosby)....£8

83   EMI America 45-TCEA 152   Let's Dance/Cat People (cassette)....£8

83   EMI America EAP 157   China Girl/Shake It (picture disc)....£6

83   EMI America 12 EA 158   Modern Love/Modern Love (Live) (12 inch, p/s with poster)....£8

84   EMI America EA 187   Tonight/Tumble and Twirl (poster p/s)....£5

85   EMI America EAP 195   Loving The Alien (Remixed Version)/Don't Look Down (Remixed Version) (Shaped picture disc)....£15

85   EMI America 12 EAG 195   Loving The Alien (Extended Dance Mix)/Don't Look Down (Extended Dance Mix)/Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix) (12 inch, gatefold p/s with poster)....£8

86   Virgin VSS 838   Absolute Beginners/Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix) (square picture disc)....£10

86   EMI America EAP 216   Underground (Edited Version)/Underground (Instrumental) (shaped picture disc)....£15

86   Virgin VSS 906   When The Wind Blows/When The Wind Blows (Instrumental) (shaped picture disc)....£10

87   EMI America 12 EAX 230   Day-In Day-Out (Remix)/(Extended Dub Mix)/Julie (12", stickered black picture sleeve)....£8

87   EMI America EAP 237   Time Will Crawl (Single Version)/Girls (Single Edit) (poster p/s)....£6

87   EMI America 12 EAP 237   Time Will Crawl (Dance Crew Mix)/(Dub)/Girls (Japanese Version) (12", p/s)....£8

87   EMI America EAP 239   Never Let Me Down/'87 And Cry (picture disc)....£5

88   Virgin CDT 20   Absolute Beginners (Full-Length Version)/(Dub Mix) (3" CD, card sleeve)....£10

90   EMI USA CD FAME 90   FAME 90 (Remixes) (CD)....£8

93   BMG Arista 136977   Jump They Say (Radio Edit)/Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Mix) (Jukebox Issue, no p/s)....£7

93   Arista 13942-2   Jump They Say (7" version)/Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Mix) (CD, double jewel case with booklet)....£8

93   BMG Arista 177057   Buddha Of Suburbia/Dead Against It (p/s)....£5

93   BMG Arista 18168-2   Buddha Of Suburbia/Dead Against It (CD, holographic disc)....£8

97   RCA 307031   The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Alternative mix)/(Bowie Mix)/(Rubber Mix)/(Simple Text Mix)/(Filthy Mix) (12", picture disc)....£8

95   RCA 329407   Strangers When We Meet (Edit)/The Man Who Sold The World (live) (green vinyl, stickered card p/s)....£5

95   RCA 353847   Hallo Spaceboy (Remix)/The Heart's Filthy Lesson (Radio Edit) (pink vinyl, stickered card p/s)....£5

97   RCA 512347   Seven Years In Tibet (Edit)/Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin Version) (p/s, clear vinyl)....£5

97   RCA 51254-2   Seven Years In Tibet (edit)/Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin Version) Pallas Athena (Live) (CD, digipack)....£8

97   RCA 39741-1   Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)/Telling Lies (Feelgood & Adam F-mix) (12", p/s)....£8

99   Virgin VSP 1767   Survive/Seven (live) (picture disc)....£10

02   Positive (no cat. no.)   Loving The Alien/Mixes (CD-R, as 'The Scumbag vs. David Bowie)....£10


67   Deram DML/XML 1007   DAVID BOWIE (mono/stereo)....£150/220

69   Phillips SPL 7912   DAVID BOWIE (gatefold sleeve)....£180

70   Decca PA 58   THE WORLD OF DAVID BOWIE (mono)....£22

72   Decca SPA 58   THE WORLD OF DAVID BOWIE (stereo, 'curly hair' cover)....£12

71   Mercury 6338 041   THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (with 'dress' cover)....£300

71   Mercury 6338 041   THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (cassette, with 'dress' cover)....£75

71   RCA SF 8244   HUNKY DORY (orange label with lyric sheet)....£12

72   RCA SF 8287   THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (orange label with lyric inner sleeve)....£12

72   RCA LST 4813   SPACE ODDITY (reissue of SBL 7912 in different sleeve, orange label with lyric inner sleeve & poster)....£15

72   RCA SP 4816   THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (orange label with inner sleeve & poster)....£15

73   RCA RS 1001   ALADDIN SANE (orange sleeve, gatefold sleeve & lyric inner sleeve, some with fan club membership card)....£16/12

74   RCA APL 1-0576   DIAMOND DOGS (orange label, gatefold sleeve)....£12

74   RCA APL 2-0771   DAVID LIVE (2-LP, gatefold sleeve, orange label, photos on inners)....£18

76   RCA APLI 1327   STATION TO STATION (with original colour proof sleeve)....£500+

76   RCA RS 1055   CHANGESONEBOWIE (with 'sax' version of 'John, I'm Only Dancing")....£25

78   RCA PL 02913   STAGE (2-LP, gatefold sleeve, some yellow vinyl)....£12/20

77   RCA INTS 5065   LOW (red vinyl, semi-official 'factory custom pressing')....£500

80   RCA. BOW LP 2   SCARY MONSTERS (AND SUPER CREEPS) (purple vinyl, semi-official 'factory custom pressing')....£600

83   EMI America AMLP 3029   LET'S DANCE (picture disc)....£10

84   RCA BOPIC 1   ALADDIN SANE (picture disc with numbered insert)....£15

84   RCA BOPIC 2   HUNKY DORY (picture disc with numbered insert)....£15

84   RCA BOPIC 3   ZIGGY STARDUST (picture disc with numbered insert)....£15

84   RCA BOPIC 4   PIN-UPS (picture disc with numbered insert)....£15

84   RCA BOPIC 5   DIAMOND DOGS (picture disc with numbered insert)....£15

95   RCA 307021   EXCERPTS FROM OUTSIDE (with 12" booklet & lyric sheet)....£15

97   RCA 44949   EARTHLING (gatefold sleeve)....£15

20    Parlophone - 019029548743   SPACE ODDITY (pic. disc. die cut sleeve with poster)....£30-£50

Original release date was to be 17 April 2020 (the day before the then but subsequently scheduled RSD 2020 which was also postponed) but was held back due to the Corona virus crisis.

A limited edition picture disc replicating the 1972 RCA edition of Space Oddity. The disc features the Mick Rock shots that were used on the front and back of the original sleeve, albeit in much better quality due to him supplying new scans of the negatives. The pictures were taken at Bowie’s then home, Haddon Hall, Beckenham, Kent, UK in the spring of 1972. The album also comes with a replica of the cover image poster which was part of the package at the time. The back sleeve image was taken in Zowie Bowie's (Duncan Jones) pink bedroom. Along with The Man Who Sold The World, the November 1972 edition of Space Oddity was repackaged for the new Bowie audience to make available the increasingly hard to find Philips and Mercury originals. This picture disc features the 2009 40th anniversary remaster of the album, which was undertaken to match as closely as possible to the original vinyl issue.

Front Cover

Full Set


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84   Deram 800 087-2   DAVID BOWIE (withdrawn with white title)....£70

84   RCA PD 89002   STAGE (2-CD, withdrawn)....£50

84   RCA PD 84234   LODGER (withdrawn)....£20

84   RCA PD 83856   LOW (withdrawn)....£25

84   RCA PD 83857   HEROES (withdrawn)....£25

85   RCA PD 84623   HUNKY DORY (withdrawn)....£25

85   RCA PD 84654   THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (withdrawn)


85   RCA PD 84813   SPACE ODDITY (withdrawn)....£30

85   RCA PD 84653   PIN-UPS (withdrawn)....£25

85   RCA PD 83890   ALADDIN SANE (withdrawn)....£25

85   RCA PD 80998   YOUNG AMERICANS (withdrawn)....£25

85   RCA PD 81327   STATION TO STATION (withdrawn)....£30

85   RCA PD 81732   CHANGESONEBOWIE (withdrawn)....£40

85   RCA PD 83856   LOW (withdrawn)....£25

85   RCA PD 83889   DIAMOND DOGS (withdrawn)....£25

86   RCA PD 82743   PETER AND THE WOLF....£20

85   RCA PD 83647   SCARY MONSTERS (AND SUPER CREEPS) (withdrawn)....£30

84   RCA PD84202   CHANGESTWOBOWIE (withdrawn)....£35

84   RCA PD 94792   GOLDEN YEARS (withdrawn)....£35

84   RCA PD 84919   FAME AND FASHION (ALL TIME GREATEST HITS) (withdrawn)....£30

93   EMI BOWIE 1   SELECTIONS FROM THE SINGLES COLLECTION (10-track sampler card p/s, promo only)....£20

93   Arista 17822-2   THE BUDDHA OF SUBURBIA (special edition in clear plastic case, with novel)....£20

99   Virgin CDVX 2900   'hours...' (hologram sleeve)....£18


90   BMG BOW 908   SO FAR (CD, 8-track sampler for "Sound & Vision" box set)....£35

91   Rykodisc VRCD 0142   BOWIE / ENO: IT'S TIME TO LISTEN (CD, 9-track sampler from Ryko reissues; includes "Sound + Vision" "Be My Wife", "Some Are", "Heroes", "Joe The Lion", "Abdulmajid", "DJ", "Boys Keep Swinging", "Look Back In Anger")....£20

93   BMG MEAT 1   Pallas Athena (12", white label, no p/s, includes two exclusive Meat Beat Manifesto remixes)....£45

93   Back To Basics HOME 1   Night Flights/(B-side by Moodswings) (12")....£20

95   RCA HALLO 2   Hallo Spaceboy (12" Remix) (12", 1-sided, no p/s)....£20

95   BMG SOLO 1   EXCLUSIVE TOUR CD: Strangers When We Meet/MORRISSEY: The Boy Racer (Outside Tour CD)....£70

96   RCA SPACE 2   Hallo Spaceboy (12" Remix) (1-sided 12", some copies listed as RCA HALLO 2, no p/s)....£35

96   RCA SPACE 3   Hallo Spaceboy (Double Click Mix)/Hallo Spaceboy (Instrumental)/Hallo Spaceboy (Lost In Space Mix) (12", no p/s)....£65

99   Virgin CDVDJ 2900   'hours...' (CD, card sleeve)....£20

99   EMI CDLRL 015   ALBUM SAMPLER (CD, 17-track sampler, promo only)....£25

99   EMI QUEENWL 28   Under Pressure (Remixes) (with Queen) (12", white label, unreleased mix, promo only)....£60

Tin Machine

89   EMI USA 10MT 68   Under The God/Sacrifice Yourself/The Interview (10", p/s)....£6

89   EMI USA CDMT 68   Under The God/Sacrifice Yourself/The Interview (CD)....£8

89   EMI USA MTG 73   Tin Machine/Maggie's Farm (live) (numbered gatefold p/s)....£7

89   EMI USA MTPD 73   Tin Machine/Maggie's Farm (live) (shaped picture disc with card insert)....£8

89   EMI USA 12MTP 73   Tin Machine/Maggie's Farm (live)/I Can't Read (live)/Bus Stop (live) (12", poster p/s)....£8

89   EMI USA CDMT 73   Tin Machine/Maggie's Farm (live)/I Can't Read (live)/Bus Stop (live) (CD)....£8

89   EMI USA MTS 76   Prisoner Of Love (Edit)/Baby Can Dance (live) (silver envelope with 4 cards)....£7

89   EMI USA MTPD 76   Prisoner Of Love (Edit)/Baby Can Dance (live) (heart-shaped picture disc with printed PVC sleeve & insert)....£7

89   EMI USA CDMT 76   Prisoner Of Love (Edit)/Baby Can Dance (live)/Crack City (live)/Prisoner (LP Version) (CD)....£10

91   London LOCDT 305   You Belong In Rock'n'Roll/(Extended Mix)/(Album Version)/Amiapura (Indonesian Version)/Shakin' All Over (live) (CD, round pack with insert)....£8

91   London LOCDT 310   Baby Universal/Stateside/If There Is Something/Heaven's In Here (CD, in round tin)....£10


20    803343257496   HUNKY DORY (official 500 piece jigsaw puzzle)....£10-£20


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david bowie life in pictures book

david bowie is book

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Record/CD Price Guide.


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CDs    Promos   Tin Machine

NEW: David Bowie Auction Prices

Biography   South East London Years

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