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organisation - tone float + 1, cd release 1996kraftwerk - kraftwerk 1, 1971, cd release date: 2006kraftwerk - kraftwerk, 1972, cd release date: 1999kraftwerk - ralf and florian album cover, 1973, this cd release, 1999kraftwerk - autobahn album cover, 1974kraftwerk - radio-activity original recording remastered cd album, originally released 1975, this release 1995KRAFTWERK / VARIOUS Super Group Festival - Rare 1976 German only 'Club Sonderauflage' record club only 14-track compilation LP featuring exclusive versions of Kohoutek & Ruckzuck, also features tracks by BTO, Nazareth, Status Quo & Genesis, unique picture sleeveKRAFTWERK Showroom Dummies - Original 1977 US Capitol picture label 2-track 12 inch vinyl single, including the French language version Les Mannequins which was not available on the Trans-Europe Express album release - custom Special Disco Version stickered die-cut card sleeve. 8502kraftwerk - trans-europe express us album cover, 1977kraftwerk - trans-europe express us album inside booklet left, 1977kraftwerk - trans-europe express us album inside booklet right, 1977kraftwerk - trans-europe express album cover, 1977, this cd release, 1994KRAFTWERK The Model - Scarce 1978 1st Dutch edition 2-track Capitol purple & silver label vinyl 7 inch single also includes The Man Machine, housed in a paper sleeve with completely different abstract picture sleeve to all other issuesKRAFTWERK Showroom Dummies - 1978 UK 3-track 12 inch vinyl single, also includes Europe Endless & Spacelab, picture sleeveKRAFTWERK Spacelab - Rare 1978 Brazilian Capitol label commercial release vinyl 7 inch single with The Model on the flip side. Issued in a generic die-cut Capitol label sleevekraftwerk - man machine album cover, 1978kraftwerk - die mensch maschine, german album, original release date 1978, cd release date 1992KRAFTWERK Ralf & Florian - 1979 Japanese Nippon Phonogram issue of the 1973 Philips label 6-track vinyl LP, unique picture sleeve variant with Japanese text biography printed on the reverse, obi-stripKRAFTWERK Computer World - 1981 Japanese 7-track vinyl LP, picture sleeve with foldout insert and obi-strip. EMS-91030KRAFTWERK Numbers - Rare 1981 US Warner Bros 3-track promotional vinyl 12 inch also including Computer World 2 & Computer Love, custom black and white 'heads' picture sleeve PRO-A-973KRAFTWERK Pocket Calculator - Original 1981 UK 2-track 7 inch vinyl single, also includes Dentaku, in dayglo yellow picture sleeve! EMI5175KRAFTWERK La Calculadora De Bolsillo - (Mega rare 1981 Mexican EMI label 3-track 12 5nch vinyl single of Pocket Calculator, also including Numeros [Numbers] and La Calculadora Versión En Japonés [Dentaku], housed in a superb yellow & black picture sleeve. 33C052-64383ZKRAFTWERK Pocket Calculator - Rare 1981 US Warner Bros 2-track 7inch LUMINOUS LIME GREEN vinyl single with Dentaku on the flip side - issued in a custom printed polythene picture cover! WBS49723KRAFTWERK Kometenmelodie 2 - Rare 1981 UK Vertigo injection mould label 2-track 7 inch vinyl single, also includes Vom Himmel Hoch, picture sleevekraftwerk - computer world album cover, 1981kraftwerk - tour de france single, original release date 1983, cd release date 1999kraftwerk - electric cafe, 1986, cd release date 1990kraftwerk - the mix, cd album 1991KRAFTWERK The Model (Deleted 1992 US 11-track retrospective compilation CD album from 1975-1978 on the Cleopatra label [part of the Capitol Records/EMI group], complete with picture sleevekraftwerk - showroom dummies 5 trk cd single, 1992, this cd release, 1994elektric music, karl bartos - esperanto album, originally released 1994, this cd limited edition release date, 2007kraftwerk - the capitol years, 3 cd release 1994trancework express, vol. 1: a tribute to kraftwerk cd album, 1995KRAFTWERK Trans Europe Express - 1995 US 2-track 7 inch vinyl single, released as part of the back to back hit series, also includes the Sweet track Funk It Uptrancework express, vol. 2: a tribute to kraftwerk cd album, 1997kraftwerk - concert classics cd album from 1975 concert, cd release date, 1998various artists - basskraft: a tribute to kraftwerk cd album, 1998musique non stop - a tribute to kraftwerk japanese cd album, 1998kraftwerk - best of japanesy only cd, 1999various artists - tribute to kraftwerk cd album, 2000kraftwerk - expo 2000 german 6 cd single originally released 1999, this cd released 2000kraftwerk - expo 2000 ltd edn enhanced cd single, 2000kraftwerk - expo remix, us cd single ep, 2001kraftwerk - tour de france cd single, 2003kraftwerk - tour de france cd single, 2003kraftwerk - tour de france soundtracks cd album, 2003kraftwerk - tour de france soundtracks japanese cd album, 2003, this release 2004kraftwerk - aerodynamik cd single, 2004KRAFTWERK Maximum Kraftwerk - 2004 UK unauthorised CD biography including picture booklet, interviews plus fold-out poster, in picture slip-caseKRAFTWERK Live - 2005 issue European official release 4-track CD EP including 'Autobahn' 21:54 version, fold-out picture sleeve with brief biography/discography informationKRAFTWERK Minimum Maximum Sampler - 2005 UK 3-track DJ promotional only 12 inch vinyl sampler issued to promote the album release and including 'Numbers', 'Computer World' and 'Radioactivity', custom labels - cat no. 12EMDJ663kraftwerk - minimum-maximum live 2-cd set, 2005kraftwerk - minimum-maximum live 2-cd set case insert, 2005kraftwerk - minimum-maximum live 2-dvd set, 2005kraftwerk - special edition boxset - live-2dvd and 2cd box set, live, limited edition, 2005KRAFTWERK Autobahn (2005 issue Swedish exclusive Strictly Limited Edition 5-track LP pressed on superb ELECTRIC BLUE VINYL, originally released in 1974, complete with reproduction Vertigo swirl labels and picture sleeveKRAFTWERK / VARIOUS Trans Slovenia Express Vol 2 - The Club Mixes 2005 UK limited edition 4-track 12 inch vinyl single including versions of Kraftwerk tracks by Slovenian artists including Bruderschaft - Remixed by Laibach & 'Telephone Call - Remixed by Moobkraftworld: a brazilian tribute to kraftwerk brazilian cd album, 2006kraftwerk - aerodynamik/la forme cd single, 2007kraftwerk - aerodynamik/la forme cd single back cover, 2007kraftwerk - aerodynamik/la forme lp record, 2007various artists - an 8-bit tribute to kraftwerk, cd album 2007various artists - an 8-bit tribute to kraftwerk, cd album 2007, back sleeve



Kraftwerk Biog. | Ralf Hütter | Florian Schneider | Karl Bartos | Wolfgang Flür | Fritz Hilpert | Henning Schmitz | Emil Schult | Conny Plank | Other Band Members

Kraftwerk Cassette Index

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3-D (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, English Version (Europe) (2017)

Aerodynamik CD, Maxi-Single, Promo UK (2004)

Autobahn Remastered CD (2009)

Autobahn LP Vinyl Reissue (2009)

Computer World CD (2003)

Computer World Remastered CD (2009)

Computer World LP Vinyl Reissue (2009)

Concert Classics CD (1998)

Electric Cafe CD (1995)

Expo Remix (Germany CD, Maxi-Single) (EMI Electrola, Kling Klang, 2000) (7243 8 89612 2 6)

Maximum Kraftwerk: Interview CD (2004)

The Man Machine Cass, Cassette, Album, Reissue (UK)

The Man Machine Remastered CD (2009)

The Man Machine LP Vinyl Reissue (2009)

Minimum - MaximumUK Special Edition 4-disc set (2005)

Minimum - MaximumSigned by 2 UK Special Edition 4-disc set (2005)

The Mix Remastered CD (2009)

Radio-Activity Remastered CD (2009)

Radioactivity Cass, Cassette, Single (UK) (1991)

The Robots Cass, Cassette, Single (UK) (1991)

Techno Pop Remastered CD (2009)

Tour De France UK 12" (Breakdance Text) (EMI, 1984) (12 EMI 5413)

Tour De France Remastered CD (2009)

Trans-Europe Express Cass, Cassette, Album, Reissue (UK)

Trans-Europe Express Remastered CD (2009)

Trans-Europe Express LP Vinyl Reissue (2009)

Kraftwerk Price Guide

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